LAST ONE! Pink Cobalto Calcite Druzy Bar Necklace in Gold
LAST ONE! Pink Cobalto Calcite Druzy Bar Necklace in Gold

LAST ONE! Pink Cobalto Calcite Druzy Bar Necklace in Gold

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Stunningly simple and rare! This large raw pink cobalto calcite pendant necklace is electroplated in 24k gold and sparkles gently in the sunshine. Perfect to rest across your heart to better help you share your love with the world. Is the "Aphrodite stone" calling to you?

A B O U T . C O B A L T O . C A L C I T E . G E M S T O N E S

What is Cobalto Calcite?

Calcite is a polymorph of calcium carbonate. It can be found in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Cobalto Calcite comes from the Congo, Morocco, Italy, Australia, and the United States. The name Calcite is derived from the Latin word calcit, meaning “lime.” It is notably present in marble and limestone formations.

What is the meaning of Cobalto Calcite?

 Also known as Roselite, Cobalto Calcite is a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness. Use this stone to lead you towards the best spiritual development phase of your journey. This stone helps to soothe intense feelings, bring about emotional healing, and end toxic emotional patterns and blockages.

Cobalto calcite helps you learn how to love not only yourself, but also those around you. It can aid in helping you overcome grief and forgive yourself or others. Working with this crystal will help you to discover your innate talents and your life purpose.


- Raw pink cobalto calcite druzy electroplated in 24k gold
- Size: 4 cm length by 1 cm width
- Colour: soft pink and dusty rose tones

- gold box chain
- 24k gold plated over copper - nickel free
- Length: Approximately 22 inches, not adjustable


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