.WILDI: Handcrafted Crystal Jewellery for some energetic oomph.

Jessica Ross, Maker & Chief Sparkle Officer at WILDI
Jessica Ross

   Hi, I'm Jess! If you're reading this then you'd like to know about WILDI and that's me!

I think one of the coolest parts about shopping small and handmade means you get to learn about where your treasured possessions come from and the story (read: energy) behind it. So read on to get a glimpse into how WILDI got started.

In 2018 I was kicking ass (#humble) as an HR tech exec in Sydney, but after a decade of startup hustling I was soooooo burnt out from the industry and 60+ hour work week sprinting pace it required. I was doing everything I could to keep my motivation and energy up, I mean, I still loved it...even if it was completely exhausting.

Sigh. I look back at that version of myself and OMG she was a badass, multi-tasking boss, but she was also exhausted and not taking care of herself at all.

Anyway, I would decompress from my marathon work weeks by making jewellery at night. It required focus, it was calming, it was straight up beautiful to work with crystals, and I always had new jewellery to wear to work. SO MANY awesome, but (unsustainable) wins. Then some #expatlife drama (read: visa issues) landed me in a beautiful new country (Australia) without a "job job" and a bit of headspace to sort out what I wanted to do next.

WILDI is what came out. A genuine expression of a modern, mystical California gal (legit raised by hippies in Santa Cruz) trying to "thrive" in the corporate world and help people out as I also figured it out along the way.

WILDI's mission is to capture nature's perfectly imperfect beauty and give us all a chance to feel that little extra bit of magic when we need it most. It's my strong belief that crystals belong in boardrooms, classrooms, ballrooms, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and any other "room" a badass sensitive soul can be found changing the world with their unique and essential vibes. No two pieces of WILDI are ever the same and I make it that way because your unique journey is worth celebrating and supporting with some one-of-a-kind spiritual ooomph.


What WILDI promises:

    • one-of-a-kind jewellery design
    • dazzling crystals packed full of positive energy
    • limited quantity crystals chosen personally by moi
    • perfectly imperfect handmade creations 
    • small business relationship care with big business accountability (remember, ex-start-up exec vibes)

Babe, when you choose a piece of WILDI and let it into your life or gift it in your precious moments, you are hands-down-no-question making my creative dreams come true. You are making shit happen. You're taking care of yourself by acknowledging that sometimes we all need a little extra love. These treasures mean something because we mean something, your journey matters. Your story matters...and in this moment my story matters too....haha! 

I hope you feel my love through each piece of jewellery I make. I hope it reminds you that being strong doesn't mean lacking emotion and that wanting the spiritual backup of a crystal makes you a total badass worthy of some seriously supportive crystal vibes. 

Live WILDI - Love Wildly,

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FYI: Each year 10% of all sales are donated to a charitable environmental cause to help offset moments in our business/supply chain where zero waste isn't possible yet. As a business devoted to celebrating what mother earth provides, we'll always strive to protect her. xx

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Where can you find WILDI "in the wild" in 2022?

 - Manly Marketplace in Sydney, every Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm weather permitting

- Boho Luxe Market Melbourne, February 11-13 

- Finders Keepers Market Sydney, December 9-11


Where have you seen WILDI?

- British Vogue, Retail: Jewellery, July, August, September 2021

- British Glamour, Glamour Shops: The best fashion and jewellery pieces your post-lockdown wardrobe *needs*, July 2021

- Tatler Magazine, July 2021

- Condé Naste Traveller, Traveller Jewellery: Beautiful Looks from Around the World, September 2021

- Vanity Fair, Opulent Jewels, December 2021, January, February 2022

Stockists - more coming soon!

Twine Collective Wolombi

Where have we been?

- Manly Marketplace, 2018-present

- Taste of Manly, 2018, 2019, 2021

Manly Jazz Festival, 2018, 2019

- Love Wildly Collective Pop-Up Shop in Manly with Stoned Love Collective, Jan-April 2019

- Mosman Market, 2019

- Creative Made Makers Market, 2018


Where is the Glitter Cave (our studio)?

- Located in Manly, NSW our studio lovingly named "The Glitter Cave" is a home studio filled with crystals, sequins, and sunshine.